“We are born to be tragic in our fate
lyric in our feelings, 
but comic in our behavior.”
– George Santayana

my happy place

I started writing at 9 years old when I watched the movie “Harriet the Spy”. I remember Harriet carrying a composition notebook and writing everything she noticed. I admit… I was easily persuaded by what I saw on TV so after watching Harriet, I knew I wanted a composition notebook too. Who knew a cheap composition notebook from a Rite-Aid drug store would change my life forever…

It wasn’t until college, when I took my first solo performance playwriting class at UC Santa Barbara, is when I knew I wanted to write plays. Writing plays helped to unlock experiences in me since I was that 9-year-old kid. These are now the themes found in my stories. These are themes of growing up poor in a low-income working class family, navigating the world through the lens of an Asian American woman, and no matter how tragic the situation maybe, I can find a way to laugh.

I love writing stories about sisters, ghosts, the paranormal and supernatural worlds colliding. I love writing stories about families. I love to write stories that make me laugh. If you’re interested in reading what I got, feel free to reach out.


  • 2021 MADlab Playwright, Moving Arts Theatre (2021)
  • Finalist, Circle X Theatre Evolving Playwrights Group (2020)
  • Finalist, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference (Grace and Janette Like White Guys, 2020)
  • Diversity Scholarship (The Improv Space, 2017)
  • The Paul Stephen Lim Playwriting Award (Kennedy Center, 2015)
  • IRAM Scholarship (University of Iowa, 2014)
  • Richard Maibaum Playwriting Award (University of Iowa, 2013)
  • Iowa Arts Fellowship (University of Iowa, 2012)
  • Dorothy & Sherrill C. Corwin Award (U.C. Santa Barbara, 2011)
  • Robert Potter Playwriting Award (U.C. Santa Barbara, 2011)
  • Spirit Award (U.C. Santa Barbara, 2011)

writing samples available upon request.