“We are born to be tragic in our fate
lyric in our feelings, 
but comic in our behavior.”
– George Santayana

my happy place

I love writing stories centered on women, sisters, mothers, ghosts, families, and human beings who try really hard to be their best selves and fail at it (I’m an optimist, I swear). I love stories that make me laugh so hard I pee a little and it’s not because I have a weak pelvic floor (ladies, you get it). I love comedies, the supernatural, the paranormal, and everything in between. On stage, I want to see a collision of different worlds crashing into one another. I grew up on tv diet of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”, “So Weird”, “X-Files”, “Fact or Fiction”, “Unsolved Mysteries” and all of Adam Sandler movies– you get the idea. I like the weird and the mysterious Adam Sandler.

I explore themes of growing up poor in a working class immigrant family, navigating the world as an Asian American woman, and no matter how tragic the situation maybe, we can find resilience through laughter.


  • STAINS [full-length]: Currently being developed with Moving Arts Theatre as part of 2021 MADlab Play Development.
  • Grace and Janette Like White Guys (full-length): Finalist, Seven Devils Playwrights Conference
  • Friendship Coma [one-act] Received a reading as part of Jolly Pig Project presents Memory: Reading Series at the Studio Lounge Theater in Los Angeles in 2018.
  • Trich (full-length): Workshop production for University of Iowa ’s New Play Festival; directed by Mario El Caponi Mendoza (2015).
  • Family Dinner (full-length): Received a Workshop Production for University of Iowa’s Gallery Series (2015), Kennedy Center’s The Paul Stephen Lim Asian American Playwriting Award(2015), was a quarter-finalist for Road Theater Company’s Summer Playwrights Festival (2016), and is a published Thesis for University of Iowa Press 2015 (2015).
  • Life of the Experiment (full-length): Received a workshop production at the Iowa New Play Festival directed by David Freeman (2014).
  • Monopoly (full-length): Received a student production for the University of Iowa’s Gallery series; directed by Ashley Pettit (2014).
  • Koreans Eat Dog (full-length): Received a reading at the University of Iowa’s New Play Festival; directed by Tlaloc Rivas (2013).


“sket-cho” comedy

I am currently a writer on the house sketch team GUTTER (Pack Theater) and former sketch writer for Thunderdog (Pack Theater) and Top Story! Weekly (ACME Comedy Theater). Written sketches for iO West’s Sunday Sketch Show, and written and performed sketch comedy for LA’s Scripted Comedy Festival in 2016.

Haagen-Yaz (digital short)
Featured on ComedyCake, Funny or Die, and WhoHaHa

“Which Fruit is Your Body Type” (live onstage)

Featured at Pack Theater’s Ladies of Sketch Night and Diversity Showcase.

“Manny the Male Babysitter” (live onstage)

Written for house sketch team Thunderdog as part of Sketch Night.

writing samples available upon request.

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