Gia #HFF17 The ABCs Review

Gia On The Move

by Tracey Paleo, Gia On The Move

What happens when the fantasy gets too real?

The ABCs follows one girl, Dakota, on her quest for achievable perfection and fantasy fulfilled in a Snapchat world that tells her that all of it is possible.

Adriana, Bella, and Caity are the perfect 10 high school teens. Emulating everything Kardashian, they go to the best parties, wear the best clothes. They have all had minor cosmetic procedures to ensure their status of the highest order amongst their peers. Bella even has a cosmetics sponsor that keeps her in couture and her mom in an expensive car.

When a slightly shady Dakota arrives as a transfer from another school, she is befriended by the group. But as it turns out, only because her house is available for meetings. And the pressure is on to fit in. Problem is, the girls put so much pressure…

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