Feeling Valued

I’ve come across so many creative and talented people in my life from doing theater, improv, writing, yoga, and so many more. I love living this life of the arts because its so inspiring. It not only keeps me sane but it keeps me rooted and appreciate humanity in so many other ways. So when I hear from my artist friends who work a day and are feeling devalued for their work, it upsets me. It makes us humans seen only as cattle and forcing us to work overtime for no compensation. To quote my favorite former First Lady, “It’s about basic human decency”, that if we’re going to work our asses off for you, we should be compensated. Access to healthcare, safe housing, food and water— you guys, these are our basic human needs that should not be neglected. These should be provided if we’re putting in our time, our work, our physical bodies to produce and output products and services. I really do hope that everyone who works hard and treats people with respect get their fair share.