It’s Nice to Meet You

An email from my mother.
Dated April 2015.

Happy Birthday…
I love you…”

My mother doesn’t understand Internet/messaging “etiquette”. Her use of the ellipses here comes off creepy.
She doesn’t know. But then again, how can anyone over 50 possibly know. It is a new time and age; people are running around trying to not get killed. I exaggerate. But if my mom’s not careful, people will think she’s a psycho killer who escaped from the local prison ward and is on the loose to attack a young 26 year old girl. Ahhh!!!!

Thanks for checking my blog out.
I think I need at least one blog post dedicated to explaining who I am and what I’m trying to do.
My name is Sarah Cho, 26, Aries.
I recently graduated from University of Iowa’s Playwrights Workshop and got myself an MFA. It took me three long ass years but it was worth it because I wrote bunch of plays that people got to see. That’s cool.
And now that I’m out of that prison, I mean, esteemed graduate college program, I’m hungry to do something creative and meaningful again. It’s only been about three weeks since I’ve graduated but I’ve been having artistic withdrawals. To go from being in a hyper/creative/intellectual environment and then moving into my parent’s house unemployed, I thought I was going crazy. I started to think I was able to talk to dead animals, walk through walls, and fly into people’s dreams and manipulate their behaviors.

And then I came across this blog site that I created a year ago and never touched. (ha. touched. gross.)

I created this blog with the intention of having a place for my humor/comedic tales of woes and muses. I am a huge lover of all things comedy and humor writing. I love improv, stand-up, sketch, and everything in-between. It’s my wit and comedic chops that got me into grad school in the first place (kind of). I believe laughter and comedy can be healing. I believe that it takes time and practice to be a skillful comedic writer. I created this blog to learn what my comedic voice is… and hone it… real hard… (ha. hard. gross.)

I want to be a comedian, improviser, and writer of all things funny… and tragedy too. I like sad stuff. Have you seen King’s Speech?

As I’m about to embark on this new creative journey, my hope is that I can use this space to keep writing as I venture into the world of stand-up, improv, sketch, sitcom/tv writing, etc in Los Angeles, CA.

I’m interested in exploring incest humor (gross. kidding. too far? well, I’m learning!)

Thanks for getting in this boat with me by following, liking, commenting on my site.
I appreciate it!

Now, back to my mother’s ellipses…

I’m watching you…
Sleep with one eye open….

Thanks for reading and stay tuned!

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  1. Amazing
    I’m a 47 yr old Australian guy
    with two teenage daughters, I get the same response when I text them.
    Thing 1 ignores my texts
    Thing 2 writes, “Hey Pops, what’s with all the ellipses”
    I was fairly sure I knew what an ellipse meant…but maybe your mom and I just escaped together!

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